Buyer Beware!!!

How many times have we heard that old saying?  Unfortunately, it seems to be the truth more times then
not.......and I am sorry to say that it rings true when buying a puppy.  In the age of social media and the
internet, it has become too easy for dishonest people to list puppies for sale that they don't even have,
scamming people out of their hard earned cash.  So what is a prospective puppy buyer to do to guard
against these scams?  Well, I find the best defense is ask to visit the puppy and it's parents.  If you get
any response other than a immediate "YES" - be very leery!  You are always more then welcome to
come to my home and not only meet the puppies but also see exactly where they are raised in my home
and not out in a kennel.  Never agree to meet in a parking lot!  If you live too far to for a visit, you can
still do things to ensure that you are not being scammed.  Ask the breeder to take pictures of the puppy
with a piece of paper that has your name written on it.  Also I would ALWAYS ask for their veterinarians
name and phone number so you can call and make sure not only that you are dealing with a real
person, but also to make sure that the breeder is taking proper care of their dogs.  Any reluctance to
give you that info should be a HUGE red flag.  Don't rely on "references" because scammers are just
going to give you the names of their friends!  One of the biggest signs of fraud is price!  If you see an
advertisement for an AKC registered English Bulldog for less then @ $1400 - beware!  Raising a health
litter of Bulldog puppies requires lots of money and even more time which makes their price higher then
the average AKC purebred puppy.  Anytime you see one listed for less, that should be an immediate
sign of fraud or at the very least a pup with health issues.  

In conclusion, I would like to make a  couple of comments about how my dogs are cared for and where
they eat, sleep and play everyday.  I have learned over my many years of raising Bulldogs that each
breeder has their own way of doing things and that my way may not always be the most popular, but it is
the right way for me.  That being said, my dogs are not raised or housed in a kennel.  They nap on the
sofa, sleep in my room and eat here in the house.  So when you come for a visit, be ready for lots of dog
kisses!!  My dogs are my life and nothing but the best will do.  I ask lots of questions of my prospective
buyers because I want to make sure that you share this same love and commitment.  There are plenty of
other breeders that will sell you a puppy without asking any questions, but I am just not way.  I not only
want to know that you will be a good fit for the puppy, but I also want to make sure that the puppy will be
a good fit for you.  Bulldogs require more time and effort to keep them happy and healthy.  Everything
from cleaning their wrinkles to limiting their time out in the heat are important to keep in mind when
deciding if this is the breed for you and your family.

Please feel free to contact me to talk "Bulldogs".........I am always available to help.
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