Hot Spots
These are red, weepy, itchy spots. No one seems to really know what
causes them. It could be fleas, food, allergies, etc. Clean the area
thoroughly. You can wash with shampoo, rinse and dry. Or clean with Baby
Wipes with lanolin and aloe. Or wash with Bigeloil. Then apply a medications
such as Panalog, Bag Balm, Sulfadene, Schreiner's Healing Liniment (from a
feed store) or 1% cortisone cream (you may need to get this from your own
doctor). Clean and apply medication daily. You should see improvement by
the second day, if not, take the dog to the veterinarian.

Interdigital Cysts
This is another problem that no one seems to be sure what the cause is But
you'll know one when you see an angry red swelling pop up between the
dog's toes. First examine the paw carefully, especially the underside
between the pads to be sure there is no foreign matter (a thorn or such). If
there is, take it out. Clean the area. Remedies include: (I) Soaking the paw in
warm water and Epsom Salts or Massengale Douche solution, dry and rub in
Panalog. (2) Desenex foot powder. (3) ,Preparation H. (4) Division 5 Bulletin
formula. Have your veterinarian make this up for you One part 60% DMSO,
one part Gentavet solution 50 mg. per ml. Apply one drop per day; rub in
with a Q Tip. Do NOT use more than one drop, do NOT apply more
frequently than once a day. If you start application at the first sign, this
solution will prevent the cyst from developing. With all these treatments, it's
best to continue the treatment for two to three days after the cyst is gone.

Fungus Spots
These are somewhat like hot spots, but they are not weepy. Be sure you
clean away all the "scabby" material. Wash the area and treat with Panalog,
Keflex, or any good anti-fungal ointment. You can use Demorex shampoo or
a sulfur based soap for the washing.
Facial Acne or Eczema
Bulldogs are forever putting their faces into all kinds of strange places. Some
are susceptible to topical bacterial infections. The dog gets pimples on his
face and chin. Usually you can clear these up just by washing and rubbing in
an anti-biotic ointment. Or you can try OXYIO (benzoil peroxide) which you
can purchase at a drug store. If they persist, you will need to get an oral antibiotic
medication from your veterinarian
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