Bulldogs tend to have messy face wrinkles. The older they get, the messier
the wrinkles. How often you clean these wrinkles depends on the dog. Some
do very well if you clean the wrinkles a couple of times a week. Some need it
on a daily basis. When you clean the wrinkles, wash his nose and apply a
good rub of Vaseline to keep it soft. It's better to clean more often than you
think you need to than not often enough. You can clean the wrinkles with a
soft, damp cloth and then dry. Or you can wash them using the shampoo you
use to bathe the dog. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and dry thoroughly. One of
the best ways is to wipe the wrinkles clean with Baby Wipes with lanolin and
aloe. Whatever method you use, be sure to get the deep nose wrinkle clean.
You may need to put a soothing ointment in the deep nose wrinkle. If it is
irritated Panalog will help to heal. Diaparene Ointment will soothe and dry
the wrinkle. This contains zinc oxide, so before you apply it, rub Vaseline into
the dog's nose. You will almost notice a sizable number of Bulldogs have "tear
stains" of varying degrees of color. If the stain is bad, in addition to cleaning
you may want to try to remove the stain. There are many treatments, you
may have to try several before you find one that works for you. Some of the
commercial products used are Showes "Pretty Eyes" Stain remover,
BioGroom cream (to prevent re-staining) and Diamond Eye. You can make a
paste of I Tbs. Hydrogen Peroxide and enough corn starch to make a thin
paste (some Bulldoggers add I Tbs. Milk of Magnesia to the hydrogen
peroxide and mix the cornstarch into that mixture). Apply to the stain, let
dry, brush off excess. Apply on a daily basis until the stain in gone, then
weekly to keep stain from returning. Another method is to rub the stain with
a cotton ball soaked in Boric Acid. Daily until the stain is gone, then weekly.
Or use NM Boric Acid ointment (10%) which can be purchased at Payless or
most any drug store. Another remedy is rubbing a dab of Desitin into the
stain to help dry it.

I hope this helps and remember I am always here to answer any questions
you  may have.
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